Walkie Talkies

We are very excited to tell you all about a new venture for us.

“I wanted to start a walking section after experiencing difficulties with my joints and cardiovascular stamina after starting the Couch-to-5k course. I realised my fitness baseline was significantly lower than that of the other participants, that I had to set the bar lower and go slower and at a gentler pace to prevent injury

The solution?

Launch of the ‘Walkie-Talkies’.

The idea is to cater for people like me who wish to start moving and gradually building up their fitness levels and stamina through walking. Once improved, this could be a stepping stone towards the C25k course or it might just remain a regular walking activity with like-minded and -bodied people.”



  • For anyone wanting to start walking regularly.
  • Suitable either for people who purely enjoy walking or are keen to build up their fitness levels and stamina to progress to the C25k course.
  • Regular walks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm
  • For more information email wheathampsteadwarriorsc25k@gmail.com

Starts: 15th June 2021

Why join a club:

  • you are more likely to keep going if you are walking or running with a group
  • you have a family of walkers to support and encourage you
  • you make friends and enjoy walking more

Get in touch now to register your interest. We look forward to welcoming you to the Warrior family!